Alfa Laval Sanitary Pumps

Performance and Sanitary Standards for Your Process’ Pumping Needs

Valutech carries Alfa Laval’s complete line of sanitary pumps that adhere to the highest hygienic standards for virtually every possible sanitary process. We offer centrifugal, and rotary lobe pumps for low, and high viscosity applications, respectively. In addition, Valutech carries flexible alternatives for product transfer and CIP (Cleaning in Place) with Alfa Laval’s Twin Screw and Self-Priming pump models.

Some models are available with Alfa Laval’s UltraPure finish; this special finish is designed with biochemical and pharmaceutical applications in mind, and is the premier choice for reducing the risk of contamination. UltraPure pump models are cost-effective options with maximum energy efficiency, a reduced CO2 footprint, and higher yields; all while upholding an increased uptime and low maintenance requirements over equivalent models.

A summary of the sanitary pumps Valutech carries is listed below, along with the available models in each category; for more information on the full selection of pumps within a specific product line, please click on the respective product image.

Sanitary Pumps

Find the line and model that is right for your hygienic process below:

Rotary Lobe Sanitary Pumps | Valutech Inc

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Designed for use with both low and high-viscosity media, these positive displacement pumps offer low-shear pumping for the gentle transport of sensitive process fluids. The rotary lobe line has models for various levels of hygienic strictness within the food and beverage, dairy, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Available Models: SX, SRU, OptiLobe

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps | Valutech Inc

Centrifugal Pumps

Alfa Laval’s line of centrifugal pumps focus on evaporation, high-pressure, and self-priming applications,
while also being well-suited for CIP. Valutech carries both the premium LKH, and cost effective SolidC lines; for those interested in the now-obsolete MR Liquid Ring line of pumps, please see the replacement: LKH Prime.

Available Models: LKH, SolidC

LKH Self-Priming Pumps | Valutech Inc

Based on Alfa Laval’s LKH model, the LKH Prime is a self-priming pump using air-screw technology to ensure efficiency in a hygienic setting. This line is mainly used for entrained air CIP duties, but can also be used for product transfer to reduce capital expenditure. This line replaces the now-obsolete MR Liquid Ring line of pumps.

Available Models: 10, 20, 40

LKH UltraPure Pumps | Valutech Inc

UltraPure Pumps for
Pharma and BioPharma

Designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, Alfa Laval’s line of UltraPure models build on the features provided in the base models, while adding added efficiency and sanitary features. All products are designed with a high level of repeatability and reduction of contamination at the forefront, and come with comprehensive documentation for validation and qualification.

Available Models: LKH UltraPure, LKH Prime UltraPure, SolidC UltraPure, SX UltraPure

Twin Screw Pumps | Valutech Inc

The Alfa Laval line of Twin Screw pumps are capable of handling CIP, as well as product transfer of various viscosities. This line specializes in low-pulsation characteristics and features excelling solids handling to improve product quality and process efficiency for duties typically handled by positive displacement pumps.

For further information on a specific product line, please click on the respective product image.