Pool Heat Exchangers

As a distributor for pool heat exchangers, Valutech offers pool owners and contractors a much more affordable alternative to conventional direct fired pool heaters. Our heat exchangers offer advantages that direct fired swimming pool heaters simply cannot meet. The CN Series pool heaters are not only more efficient, they are resistant to salt water. They heat salt water and chlorinated pools using a central heating boiler which operate with efficiencies in the 80 to 95% range. This represents a significant reduction in natural gas consumption compared to conventional direct fired pool heaters which typically have efficiencies ranging from 50 to 65%. With this kind of reduction in natural gas consumption, our pool heaters will not only lower your heating bill, but will also last a lot longer.

Main Benefits of our Pool Heat Exchangers:

  • Corrosion Resistant: constructed with corrosion resistant materials, our pool heat exchangers are designed to last forever in salt water swimming pools.
  • Self Cleaning: due to the high flow rates through the heat exchangers, our pool heaters are inherently self cleaning.
  • Longer Lasting: due to the wider channels of the heat exchanger it takes longer to build up hard water scale.
  • Low Pressure Drop: is possible because these pool heaters are designed for high flow rates.
  • Easy Selection: choosing the right pool heater is a simple matter of knowing the pool volume.
  • Immediate Delivery: we keep units in stock for immediate delivery.

Heat Exchanger Applications

  • Salt Water and Chlorinated Swimming Pools
  • Jacuzzis, Whirlpools, Spas and Hot Tubs
  • Solar Heated Pools
  • Domestic Hot Water Supply
  • Sea Water Applications
  • Hot Climate Applications
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery

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