Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Exhaust Gas Heat ExchangersExhaust gas heat exchangers are designed to remove thermal energy from the exhaust gas of natural gas, diesel and bio-fuel engines and transfer it to the water circuit. The extracted heat can be used for space heating, domestic hot water and any industrial process that requires hot water.

Standard range available for quick delivery.

  • Suitable for engines up to 1MW.
  • Suitable for use with engines powered by conventional or alternative fuels.
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction for reliability and durability.
  • Can also be used to extract energy from gas or air and transfer it to a water circuit.
  • Compact and efficient design for ease of installation.
  • Ideal for reducing the exit temperature of the exhaust gases in hazardous areas.
  • Used in conjunction with jacket water, charge air, fuel and oil coolers, Bowman units can reclaim up to 60% of waste heat from an engine.
  • Bowman units when fitted provide FREE HEATING & HOTWATER.

Given the following information, we can recommend a unit for your requirements:

  • Fuel type
  • Exhaust gas mass flow rate
  • Exhaust gas inlet temperature
  • Water circuit inlet temperature and flow rate

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Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger Performance Table

Typical examples of exhaust gas heat exchanger performance

The figures below are a general guide only and are not based on any particular natural gas engine. They assume an air/fuel ratio of 10.23 : 1 by volume, a fuel consumption of 0.34m3/kWh (measured at 1.013 bar and 15ºC) and an exhaust gas temperature of 600ºC and a water inlet temperature of 80ºC.

combined heat and power performance

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