Alfa Laval Sanitary Valves and Tri-Clover® Valves

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Sanitary Valves Product Lineup | Valutech Inc

Valutech carries Alfa Laval’s complete line of sanitary valves that adhere to the highest hygienic standards for virtually every possible sanitary process. We offer single-seat, mixproof, butterfly, ball, check, and regulating valves across a wide range of models to suit virtually every application in the personal care, food & beverage, dairy, and bio-pharma industries. In addition, Valutech carries control tops for optimal valve control and supervision of every model of Alfa Laval sanitary valve.

We specifically carry the following styles of valves:

A summary of the sanitary valves Valutech carries is listed below, along with the available models in each category.

Sanitary Valves

Find the style and model that is right for your hygienic process below:

Alfa Laval Tri-Clover® Single Seat and Double Seat Valves

Single Seat Sanitary Valves | Valutech Inc

Alfa Laval’s single seat valves are reliable and versatile in order to maintain uninterrupted production at a high hygienic standard. A small number of components and a straightforward design reduce service requirements and ensure product safety.

The Unique 7000 series of valves have modularly designed, meaning there are various possible port and body combinations, with valve bodies being weld-free and featuring a stainless-steel construction. Double Seat Valves or “Mix-Proof Valves”, allow product to flow in one housing and CIP solution in the other, without risk of co-mingling and reduce the number of single-seat valves needed while increasing automation capabilities.

Available Models: 7000 – Standard, 7000 – Tangential, 7000 – Tank, 7000 – Aseptic, 7000 – Long Stroke, 7711 – Regulating

Tri-Clover®LKB Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Sanitary Valve | Valutech Inc

LKB Butterfly Valves are an economical 2-way sanitary valve, available in manual and air-actuated varieties. LKB valves are available in the standard LKB version, as well the UltraPure LKBU model. UltraPure products are designed and documented to meet the stringent demands of within industries such as the bio-pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Connections: Tri-Clamp, Weld and Flange ends.
Maximum Pressure: 145 psi
Sizes Available: 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”
Temperature Range: 10°C to 95°C (up to 140°C when not in operation)
Material: 304L and 316L SS
Seals: EPDM, FPM, HNBR, PFA, Silicone.
Surface Finish: SFF1 (≤ Ra 32 μin) and SFF4 (UltraPure version; ≤ Ra 20 μin)

Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Tri-Clover®LKC Check Valves

Sanitary Check Valves | Valutech Inc

Non-return valves, also known as check valves, are designed for use in hygienic installations to prevent reverse product flow. This provides protection for process equipment that can be affected by reverse flow and prevents pressure surges and/or system s