Tank Cleaning Equipment

Although manufacturing and processing methods in the food and beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical industries vary, one thing remains the same: there’s no time for downtime! Plants require a tank cleaning process to prevent cross-contamination, to ensure the highest product quality, and to adhere to strict industry guidelines. This needs to be accomplished quickly and effectively as possible so tanks can get back into production. Gamajet has proudly saved global manufacturers billions of gallons of water and millions of hours of time, contributing to enormous increases in overall productivity, With our patented rotary impingement cleaning technology and customized solutions, your plant will meet cleanliness standards and experience a sustainable CIP for a more productive future.

We have a solution for every application

Storage tanks, process tanks, spray dryers, tank trailers, holding tanks, ribbon blenders, evaporators, mixers, totes, and more!

Milk, juice, molasses, sugars, yogurt, soups, meats, starches, condiments, peanut butter, and more!

Devices for small tanks, barrels and drums

Small tanks range up to 0.75 meters (2.5 ft) in diameter and typically have capacities of up to 1,000 liters (275 gallons).

Alfa Laval GJ 7

Alfa Laval GJ 7Pressure: : 6-55 bar( 80-800 psi)
Flow Rate: 0.5-2 m3/hr ( 2-8 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 2-5 minutes
A rotary jet head ideas for cleaning all types of barrels, drums and small vessels. This device offers one-step. One-insertion cleaning.

Alfa Laval GJ BB

Alfa-Laval-GJ-BBPressure: : 6-55 bar( 80-800 psi)
Flow Rate: 1-2 m3/hr ( 4-6 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 1-2 minutes
This easy-to-handle rotary jet head provides optimal impact for wine barrel cleaning without damaging the barrel, extending its shelf-life by 1-2 years.

Alfa Laval SaniMidget

Alpha-Laval-Sani-MidgetPressure: 2 bar ( 29 psi)
Constructed of stainless steel or a slide-bearing PEEK design, this rotary spray head is available in 360°, 270° up, and 180° down and provides liquid impact at a low flow rate and low pressure.

Alfa Laval SaniMicro

Alfa-Laval-SaniMicroPressure: 2 bar ( 29 psi)
Constructed of stainless steel, this rotary spray head in available in 360°, 270° up, and 180° down and provides liquid impact at a low flow rate and low pressure.

Devices for large tanks:

Large tanks typically range from 3-30 meters (10-100 ft.) in diameter with capacities of 19,000-5.7 million liters (5,000-1.5 million gallons).

Alfa Laval GJ PF

Alfa-Laval-GJ-PFPressure: 4-20 bar ( 50-300 psi)
Flow Rate: 3.5-19 m3/hr ( 15-84 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 8-20 minutes
This versatile rotary jet head was designed for clearing tanks with capacities between 19,000-95,000 liters (5,000-25,000 gal) in a wide variety of industries

Alfa Laval GJ A1

Alfa-Laval-GJ-A1Pressure: : 1-5 bar( 20-80 psi)
Flow Rate: 5-16 m3/hr ( 20-70 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 3-6 minutes
The first and only rotary jet head to meet the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standard 78-01.

Alfa Laval GJ A8

Alfa-Laval-GJ-A8Pressure: : 4-20 bar( 50-300 psi)
Flow Rate: 8-31 m3/hr ( 25-135 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 8-12 minutes
A hygienic version of the Alfa Laval GJ 8. this device minimizes physical effort while maximizing cleanliness and efficiency.

Devices for mid-sized tanks and containers

Mid-sized tanks typically range from .75-3 meters (2.5-10 ft.) in diameter and have capacities of 1,000-18,000 liters (275-5,000 gallons).

Alfa Laval TJ SaniJet 20

Pressure: 3-10 bar (Alfa-Laval-TJ-SaniJet-2045-150 psi)
Flow Rate: 2-8 m3/hr (10-35 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 5-10 minutes
This rotary jet head cleans highly viscous debris from interiors of sanitary tanks between 500-30,000L (130-8,000 gel) for ultra pure applications.

Alfa Laval TJ TJ20 G

Alfa-Laval-TJ-TJ20-GPressure: 3-8 bar (45-115 psi)
Flow Rate: 6-15 m3/hr ( 25-65 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 6-10 minutes
This rotary jet read was developed to meet the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and hygiene within sanitary processing industries.

Alfa Laval GJ A2

Alfa-Laval-GJ-A2Pressure: 4-10 bar ( 60-150 psi)
Flow Rate: 0.2-5.4 m3/hr ( 1-24 gpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 4-20 minutes
Created as a direct result of a major pharmaceutical customer’s request, this hygienic rotary) at head fits through a 5 cm (2′) Opening.

No pumps No problem!

We offer a wide range of mobile clean-in-place (CIP) systems customized to fit your individual needs, specifications and application.

Toteblast Station: In-house tote cleaning

Toteblast-StationClean your entire tote/IBC (including the hard-to-reach top corners), regardless of residue, in-house and under four minutes. Experience a quick return on investment with this innovative system.

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