Swimming Pools

Traditionally in North America swimming pools have been heated using direct fired pool heaters for residential pools and many commercial and institutional pools. In recent years indirect heating of pools using heat from boilers and renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular.  Valutech’s range of pool heat exchangers provide a host of benefits including cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Many smart homes use boilers as the source of heat which are highly versatile and efficient. These boilers provide the heat for domestic hot water, radiant floor heating and in some instances driveway snow melt systems. In the summer months these boilers are then used for heating the swimming pool.

High Efficiency Benefits
Our swimming pool heat exchangers are able to take advantage of the efficiency of the boiler – boilers offer efficiencies over 80% and in some cases greater than 90%. Besides the high efficiencies achieved there is the added benefit of reduced wear and longer life for indirect heat exchangers. Boilers provide hot water to the heat exchangers in the 140F to 180F temperature range. At these temperatures the chlorine or salt water of the swimming pool reacts relatively slower than the heat source used for direct fired heaters which is a flame produced from either the natural gas or propane. The temperature produced by the flame is very high and the reaction rate is significantly elevated. These elevated reaction rates causes greater wear  shortens the life the internal heat exchangers.

Alternative Energy and Solar Heating
Alternative energy sources such as solar and geothermal systems have become very popular in recent years. These methods of heating have grown in popularity and an increasing number of our heat exchangers are used with these types of systems. On hot summer days the output of the solar systems of residential and commercial institutions often exceed the amount of hear required for various applications. This excess heat has to be removed from the  system. Heat sinks which remove excess heat are referred to as “heat dumps” and swimming pools are among the best available heat dumps.

Valutech has been in the business of providing heat exchangers for indirect heating of pools and spas for over 19 years. We offer stainless steel heat exchangers for chlorine pools and tubs and cupro nickel and titanium heat exchangers for salt chlorinated pools and tubs. For close temperature approaches we offer gasketed plate pool heat exchangers and fusion brazed pool heat exchangers. Contact us today to size the appropriate model of swimming pool heat exchanger for your application.

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