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solar-pool-heatingSolar pool heating systems use solar energy to heat the pool. This is a more economical alternative to conventional pool heating systems. A solar heating system can be used in conjunction with conventional heating systems to save on energy costs. Solar collectors capture free energy from the sun and heat a fluid which transfers the heat via a heat exchanger.

Solar heat exchangers are used to separate the fluid in the collectors from the pool water. Often the fluid in the collectors uses a combination of water and glycol thus necessitating the separation.

Solar heaters are widely popular and comprise 10 per cent of all new equipment sales. They extend your swimming season and reduce your monthly fuel bills.

How does it work?

Solar collectors are usually mounted on the roof of a home, garage or building. A pump is used to circulate the water or glycol on the solar loop. The existing pool pump can be used to circulate the water on the pool and filter loop. On sunny days an automatic control valve that uses special temperature sensors circulates the fluid in the solar loop. Because a sufficient area of solar panels is required to adequately heat the pool it is important to accurately size the collectors and heat exchangers to heat the pool.

Valutech provides a wide range of solar pool heat exchangers for solar applications.

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