Steam Traps

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Flowserve Gestra Steam Trap

Steam Equipment
Steam traps play a vital role in discharging condensate produced as a result of trapped steam in a heating system.

Three types of steam traps:

BK: The BK trap is a thermostatic trap with a bimetallic regulator which is particularly robust.

MK: The MK trap is a thermostatic trap with a membrane regulator and has very sensitive response characteristics.

UNA: The UNA is a float trap for condensate discharges at extreme and sudden flowrate and pressure fluctuations.


  • Easily maintained without removal from pipelines.
  • Interchangeable with no change to pipe layout.
  • Automatic air venting.
  • Tight shut-off, – no loss of live steam.
  • Not affected by dirt.
  • Trap regulators tested under operating conditions – steam, condensate.