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Our heat exchangers have been operating successfully for decades in the chemical, petroleum refining, petro-chemical, power generation, bio-fuel, pulp & paper, food & beverage and automotive industries.

Our Industries Steel HVAC Chemical | Valutech Inc

From our wide range of Alfa Laval gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers, Compabloc welded plate exchangers, and spiral heat exchangers for liquid to liquid, gas to liquid, condensing and reboiling applications. For high pressure processes we offer Doyle & Roth shell and tube heat exchangers.

Our graphite block and tubular heat exchangers, PTFE lined columns, expansion bellows and fittings are widely used in processes which demand a high degree of corrosion resistance. Our Principal, SGL Group, is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of complete hydrochloric synthesis plants. For efficient mass transfer we supply tower and column internals, packings and trays manufactured by Sulzer Chemtech, leaders in providing the highest level of technical expertise to petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, specialty chemical and ethanol plants.

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    Industries We Support

    Identifying heat transfer problems & providing elegant solutions

    For over two decades Valutech has focused its activities in the process industry in North America. Our suppliers of heating and cooling equipment have been supported by world renowned designers and manufacturers like Alfa Laval, Doyle & Roth Manufacturing and SGL Group. Our heat exchangers have extensive applications in all industrial processes.

    Valutech provides all kinds of heat exchangers both plate and spiral types, as well as air coolers, filters, and separation equipment that includes both decanter centrifuges and disc stack centrifuges.

    Food Processing Industry | Valutech Inc

    We supply a wide range of food processing equipment for the food and beverage industry. From tri-clamps to sanitary tubing and 3-A approved Alfa Laval heat exchangers to sanitary valves.

    From the organic to the inorganic, thermal efficiency is essential. We provide equipment for industries ranging from inorganic chemicals to pulp and paper, starch, yeast, refinery and more

    HVAC Industry | Valutech Inc

    Valutech is the choice of many major consultants and contractors in supplying the Alfa Laval range of heat exchangers for HVAC applications. We help you keep costs low while tackling environmental issues.