Hydronic Heating Systems

The brazed plate heat exchanger is the single most efficient compact plate type heat exchanger in the market. They are used in a wide variety of hydronic heating systems in the hydronics industry ranging from snow-melt of driveways to radiant floor heating, domestic water heating and several other interesting applications.

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Domestic Hot Water
Radiant Floor
Snow Melt

How the brazed heat exchanger operates:

The flow pattern of the brazed heat exchanger is similar to any other plate heat exchanger. The compressed plate pack creates a continuous series of channels. The plate and porthole arrangements permit the two heat-transfer media to travel in alternate channels in a counter flow manner.

The efficiency of these heat exchangers is high due to the turbulent flow patterns of the fluids through the channels. This allows for a very close temperature approach of 2-3° F resulting in economic heat extraction.