Free Cooling

Free cooling provides an economical, eco-friendly, and cost-effective cooling solution. Our specialists are happy to supply and support your free cooling application.

Free cooling can provide significant cost and energy savings. By using lower outside air temperatures, the interior of a building can be cooled. This has many advantages in many applications, especially with those with high heat loads such as data centres.

Free Cooling

In the winter months and shoulder seasons buildings require both heating and cooling. The perimeters of the buildings require heating while the cores of the buildings require cooling on a year round basis. Due to the low outside temperatures chilled water can be generated via free cooling without the need for a chiller to be in operation.

Alfa Laval gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers are widely used in free cooling systems to isolate open condenser water systems from closed chilled water systems. The high efficiency of these heat exchangers maximizes the length of the free cooling season which can often be extended beyond six months.

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