Steam Trap Testing

VAPOPHONE ultrasonic detector VKP 10
Steam Trap Testing

The portable ultrasonic detector is specially designed for detecting steam loss through steam traps and stop valves. Live steam leakage is detected by sound in the ultrasonic range caused by flowing steam. The mechanical ultrasonic vibrations are detected by the probe and converted into electric signals which are amplified in the measuring instrument and indicated on a meter. The VKP 10 must not be used in potentially explosive areas. Degree of protection IP 41.

TRAPtest VKP 40 / VKP 40Ex
Steam Trap Testing
Faulty steam traps are a major source of waste in a steam distribution system. A trap that is blowing live steam is the worst offender and the decreased efficiency results in lost production.

Systematically checking steam traps for loss of live steam and consequent heat loss is therefore a matter of prime importance. This is easy to do with all types and makes of steam traps by using GESTRA’s steam trap monitoring, recording and evaluation system VKP 40 / VKP 40Ex, which detects and assesses ultrasonic vibrations transmitted through the trap body by live steam flowing through the trap. The visual display of the terminal shows all signals received during the test in the form of a graph, clearly distinguishing between a trap working correctly and one passing even very small amounts of steam.

As part of the test procedure, the temperature prevailing at the steam trap is also recorded. In conjunction with specified service pressures, this makes it possible for the system to identify steam traps which are obstructed (causing the condensate to bank up). All test results obtained by the hand-held terminal can be stored, evaluated and organized on the PC. The TRAPtest VKP 40 / VKP 40Ex consists of the measuring transducer VKPS 40, the portable terminal VKPN 40 / VKPN 40Ex and the corresponding software for data management by PC.

It is well known that steam losses through trap failure, dirt in the steam trap, wrong use of traps or incorrectly installed equipment can easily waste thousands of dollars a year. An optimized steam system is therefore essential and can even nowadays save up to 30% of the energy capacity.