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BioPharma Fittings Alfa Laval manufactures sanitary fluid handling products for the dairy, food, biotechnology, beverage, and pharmaceutical processes. Their Tri-Clover® brand fittings are crevice free and have smooth interiors. The Tri-Clover® range of fittings have self-aligning and secure joints that are corrosion-resistant with unmatched service life. Tri-Clover brand fittings are dimensionally accurate with structural integrity, thus easy to install. Tri-Weld® and Tri-Clamp® Fittings are also part of the product line.

Material Test Reports (MTR’s) are included with each shipment. Permanent markings on all components provide identification of all Material Grade, Heat numbers and Surface Finish Designation to the BPE (SFF1 or SFF4) Standard, and Manufacturer’s logo.

We provide a line of fittings designed for use in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technology Industries. This line consists of Tri-Clover parts with either Tri-Weld ends Tri-Clamp end connections.

Manufacturing is in compliance with ASME BPE Standards.

Wide Range of Surface Finish offering – We offer a wide range of Mechanical Polish as well as Electropolish finishes.

Metallurgy – Stringent inspection process to ensure chemistry is ideal for both weld ability and electropolishing.

Quality Control Methods – Manufacturing is undertaken under an approved ISO 9002 quality standard.