Alfa Laval Hygienic Tank Mixing Equipment

Maximize Product Yield with Purpose-Built Magnetic Mixers and Agitators

Alfa Laval LeviMag® Aseptic Mixer

LeviMag Aseptic Mixer | Valutech Inc

Redesigned in 2020 with updated features.

The LeviMag® is a magnetic mixer that uses a levitating impeller, and is designed for use within hygienic industries. It consists of a detachable drive unit, levitating impeller unit with radial blades, seals, ceramic bearings and magnetic coupling, weld plate and connections It also has dry-running capability, and is efficient at lower speeds for gentle treatment of process media.


  • Capable of mixing batches of 30–40,000 liters.
  • Operates at speeds of 10-800 rpm.
  • Available in 5 sizes.
  • Low agitation and dry-running capability.
  • Optimal CIP functionality.
  • Minimal downtime due to ease of maintenance.
LeviMag Magnetic Mixer | Valutech Inc

Alfa Laval Agitators

Agitators for Food, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial Processes | Valutech Inc
  • Keeps tank contents homogeneous while mixing reagents.

  • Maintains a consistent distribution of particle suspensions and heat within a fluid.

  • The Alfa Laval Agitators range includes top-mounted, bottom-mounted, side mounted and top-mounted with bottom support units.

  • Energy Saving Foil (EnSaFoil) propeller with two or three blades, provides up to 400% more efficiency than a propeller with standard pitch.

  • Different surface finishes are available for the EnSaFoil propellers.
  • Flexible and modular design allowing an easy installation and maintenance.

  • All service or replacement of wear parts such as shaft seals, bearings etc., can be done from the tank exterior.

  • Can be installed in both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks and used in sterile/aseptic applications.

  • Complies with both American and European standards and regulations, such EHEDG, USDA, FDA, and 3A; ATEX certification is available on request.

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Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixers

Hybrid Powder Mixer | Valutech Inc
  • A sanitary mobile solution to mix powder with liquids, and pumping the final solution at pressures of up to 5 barg.

  • Produces homogeneous products at high dry matter concentrations with high productivity.

  • Superior option for use in dairy, beverage and food powder mixing applications.
  • Available in 2 models: M15 and S15.

  • Both models include a two-stage pump, single motor, C-Ball valve and funnel. The M15 model also includes a frequency converter.

  • Powder addition is control by a manually actuated special C-Ball valve for dry ingredient addition.

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