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Bowman header tank heat exchangers can be used for marine engines as well as for various land based duties such as engine testing and development work, generator sets, fire pumps and combined heat and power systems. They incorporate a quiet zone header tank with a special de-aeration feature and a pressurised filler cap. The removable tube stack is held in position by ‘O’ rings and is free to expand and contract within the cast housing, thus minimising thermal stresses. It can easily be removed for cleaning if necessary.

header tank heat exchanger

Bowman manufactures a large range of header tank heat exchangers. There is a choice on the raw water side of single pass, two pass and three pass heat exchangers for different flow rates. There are also different end cover materials depending on whether the heat exchangers are used with fresh water, sea water or contaminated water.

Bowman header tank heat exchangers can be selected from our technical program if the following information is supplied:

  • Heat to be dissipated kW Engine water flow l/min
  • Max engine water temperature °C Raw water temperature °C
  • Type of raw water (ie. fresh water, sea water or contaminated water)
  • If the raw water flow is fixed please inform us, if not we can advise on the flow required.

We have some header tank heat exchangers which have been designed for specific engines, for more information on these please contact us.


The header tank heat exchanger should be mounted with the header tank above the cylinder head level and with the engine water circuit arranged so that it is self venting on initial filling. A by-pass type thermostat should be used and arranged so that only the heat exchanger is by-passed when the engine is cold. All other components including a water jacketed exhaust manifold if fitted, any oil coolers, charge air coolers and exhaust gas heat exchangers should be so positioned in the circuit so that they always receive the full flow of the engine water pump.

Thermostats of the type used on some automotive engines, which simply interrupt the cooling water flow when the engine is cold, are not recommended. For unattended operation, automatic engine shut down equipment should be provided.

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