Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Extend Heat Exchanger Lifespan with Our Extensive Selection of Gaskets

Valutech offers a comprehensive selection of replacement gaskets for your plate heat exchangers; we supply Alfa Laval (Vicarb), Tranter, APV, GPX, and V-Series models, and stock the following Alfa Laval gaskets at our facility in Scarborough, Ontario:

Alfa Laval M-Series

  • M3
  • M3-X
  • M3-D
  • M3-FG
  • M6
  • M6-B
  • M6-FD
  • M6-D
  • M6-FG
  • M6-M
  • M6-MD
  • M6-MFD
  • M6-MFG
  • M10
  • M10-M
  • M10-B
  • M10-BD
  • M10-BFD
  • M10-BFG
  • M10-MFM
  • M10-MFD
  • M10-MFG
  • M15
  • M15-M
  • M15-B
  • M15-BD
  • M15-BFD
  • M15-BFG
  • M15-MFD
  • M15-MFG
  • M15-MFM

Alfa Laval T-Series

  • T5-B
  • T5-P
  • T6-P
  • T6-B
  • TS6
  • TS6-M
  • TL6
  • TL6-B
  • T10-B
  • T10-M
  • TL10
  • TL10-B
  • TL10-P

When you need gaskets right away, Valutech is prepared to assist you at virtually any time; all of the gaskets listed above can be picked up after business hours and on weekends, as well as during normal operating hours. In an emergency situation, count on us to help ensure process downtime is minimized and gasket-related failures are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Replacement Gaskets

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