Threaded Valves

Connector (CN, CR)

Designed for use in installations which require check valves with male thread patterns, it is identified by either its connector or “pipe nipple.”

Bushing (BU, BR)

A conventional check valve with bushing style housing, its range of applicable work is versatile. Producing little resistance, it is effective when applied with reducer couplings in scenarios where pressure drop and flow are critical.

universal high pressure u1-r1
Universal High Pressure (U1, R1)

Machined bar stock, the produced check valve is fitted with female pipe threads and is suited for high pressure work.

universal low pressure u3-ur
Universal Low Pressure (U3, UR)

Built for minimum pressure drop, the unit’s single-piece body has been machined from a raw blank to ensure the valve’s integrity.

mini check mv-m1-m8
Mini-Check (M1, M8, MV)

Made to facilitate minimum pressure drop, its three-piece design is able to accommodate a wide range of end fittings. With the option for both male and female threads, it’s an indispensable option that’s suited for a nearly inexhaustible number of applications.