Check Valves

Check Valves by Check-All Valve

Check-All manufactures a complete line of in-line spring loaded piston type check valves for almost any service application. There is a great deal of versatility in the design of these valves. Valves from sizes 1/8″ to 20″ are included in the manufacturing range. These check valves are available with either metal seats or soft seats and ratings from full vacuum to 10,000 psi. There are a number of spring settings available. The standard cracking pressures are 1/8 psi, ½ psi, 1-1/2 psi and 3-1/2 psi. There are certain applications where very specific cracking pressures are required and CheckAll can provide customized springs to the exact requirements of the customer.

Check-All designs and manufactures the following products:

Check-All offers a variety of different styles of check valves, from Flange Insert to Housed Check Valves to Tubing Check Valves. Custom made valves can also be fabricated to the customers’ specifications. Please see the specifications of the individual valves for more detailed