For CN200 and CN300 swimming pool heat exchangers

Bowman CN200 and CN300 line of pool heat exchangers are extremely popular in North America due to their versatility and excellent heat transfer performance, reliability, plus easy installation into existing or new pool pipework. Currently these heat exchangers are supplied with two alternative diameter connectors, enabling them to be installed into either imperial 1.5″ nominal pipe size (48mm O/D) or metric 50mm O/D pool pipework.

Phased Introduction
Universal Fit end covers will be introduced on a roll out basis for CN200 heat exchangers.

The new end covers will not alter any external dimensions of the heat exchangers, but may require slightly longer pool supply pipework.

Bowman Universal Socket Union

To reduce waste a new socket union component has been developed that fits both imperial and metric pool pipe sizes. By combining both diameters in a single unit, installation time is reduced and waste material eliminated.