Sanitary Valves

We offer a wide range of valves for sanitary applications in the personal care, food, dairy, bio-pharm, and beverage industries supporting applications for all stages of your process.  Our sanitary range also includes pumps, heat exchangers, tank equipment, installation material. We offer:

  • Sanitary Ball Valves
  • Mixproof Valves
  • Sampling Valves
  • Regulating Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Other Valves
  • Control & Indication Units

Unique 7000 Single and Double Seat Valves

Unique 7000 Single and Double Seat ValvesSingle Seat Valves are an extremely reliable and hygienic design for stopping or diverting flow in single or multi-directional systems. Double Seat Valves or “Mix-Proof Valves”, allow product to flow in one housing and CIP solution in the other, without risk of co-mingling and reduce the number of single-seat valves needed while increasing automation capabilities.

Unique Sampling

Unique SamplingThe Unique Sampling Valves are designed for sterilization before and after each sample:
– used widely in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries.
Max. Pressure: 87 psi. Temperature range: 1 C to 130 C.
Max sterilisation temperature: 121 C (dry steam, 2 bar)
Membrane Seal: EPDM, Silicone
Three sizes: Low, High and Very High viscosity.
Manual or Actuated
Single or Double seat.

CPM-2 Constant Pressure Modulating Valve

CPM-2 Constant Pressure Modulating ValveThe Alfa Laval CPM-2 valve is designed to maintain either constant inlet or outlet pressure. This is a self-operated constant pressure valve used on most HTST systems.
Two models: CPMI-2 Constant-Pressure Modulating Inlet and CPMO-2 Constant-Pressure Modulating Outlet Max. Product pressure: 145 psi.
Temperature range: -10 C to 140 C, higher on request.
Air pressure: 0 to 116 PSI. Air Connections R
1/4″ (BSP).
Product wetted steel parts: Acid-resistant steel

Indication & Automation Tops

Indication & Automation TopsThe most advanced automated control and indication units for all air-operated Alfa Laval and Tri-Clover valves.
ThinkTop Basic
ThinkTop D30
Indi Top

Unique DV-ST Ultrapure Diaphragm Valves

Unique DV-ST Ultrapure Diaphragm ValvesThe standard Unique DV-ST UltraPure Diaphragm valve is a standard BioPharm valve used in sterile and ultra-hygienic processes, for manual or pneumatic operation.
Max. Product pressure: 145 psi.
Max. Air Pressure and Temperature: 87 psi / 80 C
Body Types: 2-way, T, Tank outlet, Tandem,
Surface Finish: SFF1 or SFF4 (docs included)
3.1 Certificates, FDA, USP Class VI

Tri-Clover Check and Ball Valves

Tri-Clover Check and Ball ValvesThe non-return valves or Check Valves are designed for use in hygienic installations to prevent reverse product flow. The Ball valves are ideal for applications requiring a full flow body design to minimize line turbulence and pressure drop.
Tri-Clamp, Weld ends.
Max. Pressure:
145 psi (Check Valve),
520 psi (Ball Valve)
Temp. range:
-10C to 140C (Check Valve),
-20C to 150C (Ball Valve)

Koltek Shutter Valves

Koltek Shutter ValvesKoltek valve is a manually or pneumatically operated valve. A PTFE shutter is operated by means of a handle or an actuator. The valve consists of a rigid body with an internal cylindrical bore and 2 or 3 ports for pipe connection.
Max. Temperature: 110 C
Max. Press. against shutter: 44 psi, behind shutter 145psi
Air pressure for actuator: Max/Min. 116/73 psi
Air Connections: R 1/8″ (BSP), internal thread
Shutter in PTFE, EPDM.

Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Sanitary Butterfly Valves
Tri-Clover LKB UltraPure is manually or automatically operated butterfly valve for on/off operations. The UltraPure is designed and documented to meet the stringent demands of industries like BioPharm and Personal Care.

Working principle

Tri-Clover LKB UltraPure can be remotely controlled by an air-actuator or manually via a handle.

Standard design

  • Tri-Clover LKB UltraPure comprises two body halves, valve disc, bushings for the disc stem and a seal ring. The valve is assembled with screws and nuts.
  • The air-actuator comes in three versions, NC – normally closed, NO – normally open and A/A – air/air activated.
  • Two actuator sizes, 85 mm (3,35″) and 133 mm (5,24″), cover all valve sizes.
  • LKLA and LKLA-T actuator versions are available.
  • The valve can be supplied with either welding – low sulphur or Tri-clamp connections.

LKB Tri-Clover Butterfly Valves

LKB Tri-Clover Butterfly ValvesThe LKB Butterfly Valves – manual or Air-Actuated – are an economical on/off routing 2-way sanitary valve.
The LKB is the standard sanitary option and LKBU is the ultrapure version designed and documented for BioPharm and Personal Care industries.
Connections: Tri-Clamp, Weld and Flange ends.
Max. Pressure 145 psi. Temperature range:-10C to 95C
Material: 304L and 316L available.
Seals: EPDM, FPM, HNBR, PFA, Silicone.
Surface finish: SFF1 and SFF4 (Ultrapure version)

Triclover Mix Proof Valves

Tri Clover Mix Proof Valves
Our mixproof valves save space making them less expensive to install. In most cases, a single mixproof valve can do the job of two or three single-seat valves, saving space and costs of installation and providing for unmatched flexibility.

Unique Mixproof Valves

Alfa Laval’s Unique mixproof valves offer customized and modular solutions that are tailored to your applications or demands. The valve is spill-proof when operating providing optimal hygiene. The SpiralClean uses less cleaning fluid cleaning more efficiently. Minimal service and maintenance are required for the valve.

Standard configurations of our Unique mixproof valves:

Unique Basic  – CIP and low cost solutions
Unique SeatClean  – standard solutions
Unique HighClean  – high hygienic solutions
Unique UltraClean  – highest hygienic solution
Unique PMO  – Pasteurized Milk Ordinance compliant for drainage requirements
Unique PMO  – Pasteurized Milk Ordinance compliant for drainage requirements and dairy operations (FDA)
Unique-TO – Tank Outlet The Unique-TO ensures safe tank outlet operations when cleaning of pipelines is required up to the bottom of each tank.