Hygienic Process Equipment

Our hygienic process equipment, from fittings to pumps, valves, tank equipment and heat exchangers, is used in fluid-handling applications for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Product integrity is critical in the food, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. For a product to maintain exactly the same characteristics in every production batch, the highest sanitation standards must be observed. To meet these standards, we specialize in hygiene integrity and ultra-clean products. Years of sanitary applications have taught us the importance of hygienic design to minimize the risk of bacteriological growth and to eliminate risk factors such as air pockets, dead ends and stagnation zones.

Transporting and regulating fluids in a safe and efficient manner is crucial for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Alfa Laval’s sanitary equipment such as pumps, valves, tank equipment and heat exchangers, move fluids cleanly, efficiently and gently.

Hygienic Heat Exchangers