Stainless Steel Shell and Tube

Pool Heaters – SS-Series

SS-Series pool heat exchangers heat swimming pool water indirectly from a central heating hot water boiler, a solar heated glycol loop or a geothermal loop. These heat exchangers are highly efficient since you are utilizing the higher efficiency of the boiler instead of the lower efficiency direct heated gas fired pool heaters. The SS-Series heat exchangers are flexible and can be used for many applications including maintaining temperatures of spas, hot-tubs, swimming pools, aquaculture fresh water pond heating and also fountain water heating. Capacities range from 100,000 BTUs to 1.2 Million BTU – to select the right model for your pool see our Quick Sizing Table on the brochure. For more specific or unique applications please contact us.


  • 100% Stainless Steel 316L to ensure corrosion resistance for chlorine pools and spas
  • Rugged construction with heavy gauge material allows for long uninterrupted life of the heat exchanger
  • High flow rates through heat exchangers result in inherently self cleaning nature
  • Low pressure drops
  • Stainless Steel shell is painted so that chlorine vapour from the air in the pool room will not result in attack on the welds and will provide longer equipment life


  • Corrosion Resistant Self Cleaning
  • Compact Design
  • Low Pressure Drops
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Long Life
  • Immediate Delivery from Stock


  • Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Domestic hot water
  • Waste water heat recovery
  • Freshwater Aquaculture Aquaponics, Pisciculture

Standard Material:

  • Tube Stacks: SS316L
  • Shell: SS316L
  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 150 psig
  • Maximum Temperature Tube Side: 250º F
  • Maximum Temperature Shell Side: 230º F

* Capacities from100,000 to 1,150,000 BTU/hr
* Suitable for Chlorine pools
* Ideal for Geothermal, Solar and Condensing Low-Temperature Boilers