Gasketed Plate Pool Heat Exchangers

GEO-PHE Series for Swimming Pools

GEO-PHE Gasketed plate heat exchangers for swimming pools are configured by Valutech mainly for pool heating applications that call for high efficiency, close temperature approaches and instances where source heat temperatures are very low.

They are particularly suited for the following pool heating applications:

Geothermal Swimming Pool Heating Applications – Geothermal Heat Source typically has low temperatures of 120°F and below combined with low flow rates – GEO-PHE efficiently transfers the heat with low pressure drops even when the temperature approach is as low as 2°F

Solar Heating Applications – Solar heating temperatures are hard to predict and differ depending on the time of day and weather. In the early morning and late afternoon when temperatures are lower the GEO-PHE can still capture the heat.

Plate material for pool heat exchangers are available in stainless steel 316 and titanium.

Advantages of GEO-PHE Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers:

  • High turbulence in the flow assures higher heat transfer rates and lower fouling
  • Heat transfer surface requirement lower than conventional heat exchangers allowing for compact design and lower capital costs
  • Reduced down time for maintenance
  • Easily add on capacity by adding plates to the heat exchanger
  • Can be opened for cleaning without disturbing piping
  • Close temperature approaches of up to 2°F for maximum heat recovery and cost savings
  • Easy maintenance – minimal space required for opening/closing
  • Ideal for skid mounting

Flow principle of GEO-PHE Series Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers:

GEO Pool Heat Exchangers consists of a series of thin metal corrugated plates with openings for the passage of the fluids. The plates are corrugated in such a way that each pair of adjacent plates in the heat exchanger forms a channel. Every second channel is open to the same fluid. Between each plate there is a rubber gasket, which prevents mixing of the fluids and leaking into the surroundings.

When the liquid enters the plate and frame heat exchanger via the connections in the frame, it flows through alternate channels by the arrangement of the gaskets. The hot liquid flows through every other channel and the cold pool water flows through the channels in between. Heat is transferred from the hot liquid to the colder liquid via the stainless steel or titanium plate material. The corrugations create a turbulent flow in the channels and support the plates against differential pressure. The turbulent flow also provides for high efficiency in heat transfer.

Available Models:

GEO3-40                40,000 BTU/hr
GEO3-60                60,000 BTU/Hr
GEO3-160            160,000 BTU/hr