Compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers 

Compact brazed heat exchangers provide the all the advantages and efficiencies of a plate heat exchanger while providing capabilities of a large duty in a small footprint. The compact brazed heat exchangers are typically used for a wide array of both industrial and commercial/domestic applications. Brazed plate heat exchangers are also used in refrigeration cycles and are widely used as evaporators and condensers.

Brazed plate heat exchangers are manufactured using stainless steel 316 plates and copper brazed in a furnace to provide a strong bond resulting in an extremely high pressure rating for this type of heat exchanger. The flow pattern in a brazed plate heat exchanger is very turbulent allowing for an extremely high heat transfer coefficient. This in turn allows for a smaller footprint because the surface area required to perform a similar duty will be much less. This is reflected in the economical pricing of the brazed plate heat exchanger.

Another common usage for brazed plate heat exchangers permits the end user to maximize the heat recovery as very close temperature approaches are attainable. It is very common to have 2°F temperature approaches between the hot and cold sides. This allows the end user to maximize the efficiency of the boiler by reducing the set temperature to a lower level.


Major Advantages of brazed Plate Heat Exchangers:

  • Compact, light weight brazed heat exchanger allows for the unit to be installed in very restrictive and tight mechanical rooms
  • Low initial costs for the heat exchanger
  • Close temperature approach will enable a greater heat loads than other type of heat exchangers like shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Typically all connections are on a single plane so heat exchanger can be removed for service without disturbing any hard piping
  • Compact brazed plate heat exchanger are always in stock for immediate delivery

Common Applications for Compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Snowmelt using boiler water to heat glycol used in snow-melting. This is ideal for the more efficient condensing boilers where a lower boiler water temperature a larger temperature differential is ideal for a compact brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Instantaneous water heating Eliminate the need for a storage tank. With the efficiency of a brazed plate heat exchanger, the heat exchanger can be sized for the maximum duty but still be used for a significantly lower duty without compromising the heat exchanger. This also reduces initial costs of requiring a storage tank.
  • Solar Dump Ideal for heating domestic water using free heat from glycol heated by solar panels.
  • Oil Cooling Hydraulic and gear oils can be cooled using cooling tower to a much lower oil temperature compared to the inlet water temperature.

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers – Product Range:

Max/Min Design Temperature (ºF)437/ – 256437/ – 320437/ – 320437/ – 320
Max Design Pressure (PSI)435435435232
Maximum Flow Rate [S3-S4/S1-S2] (GPM)105050200
Height, a (inches)8.2512.3220.7524.25
Width, b (inches)2.894.454.457.52
Plate pack width, A (inches)(n x 0.085) + 0.315 n=number of plates(n x 0.09) + 0.511 n=number of plates(n x 0.09) + 0.511 n=number of plates(n x 0.09) + 0.472 n=number of plates
Connection Size (inches)¾”1”1”2”
Plate MaterialAISI 316AISI 316AISI 316AISI 316
Connection MaterialAISI 316AISI 316AISI 316AISI 316
Brazing MaterialCopperCopperCopperCopper
Max number of plates25100100150