Plate Coil Heat Exchangers by Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has added to the comprehensive line of heat transfer equipment by now providing plate coil heat exchangers for maintaining or heating/cooling of fluids in tanks. Both hydraulically inflated and die formed type of coils are offered to our customers.

Plate coil heat exchangers are an effective replacement for pipe coils for immersion heating and cooling applications. It is a very versatile heat exchanger that provides for almost any combination of shape, configuration and styles to fit almost any tank and application.

The immersion plate coils surface increases the turbulent flow of both the service and process fluids and increases the efficiency over pipe coil type heat exchangers.

Advantages of Immersion Plate Coils:

  • Ease of maintenance compared to other types of immersion heaters. Coils are easily removed for maintenance
  • Smaller coils required to perform the same duty due to the higher efficiency of the coils. ·
  • Complete range of materials available

Clamp-On Plate coils

External Clamp-on plate coils are used to maintain temperatures in tanks by having the coils clamped on to the external surface of the tank walls.

Advantages of Clamp-On Plate coils

  • Provides ideal source of freeze protection for critical applications
  • Can be curved to small diameters of a minimum of 12″ tanks or pipes
  • Provides a larger die

Plate coil heat exchangers can also be banked to form a suction heater, which allows for the fluid to be heated as it is pumped out of the tank and into a process. This is advantageous especially where only the fluid required for the process is heated and reduces energy costs, as the whole tank will not have to be maintained at the high temperature required for the process.

Common Applications:

  • Heating/Cooling of baths, rinse and chemical tanks
  • Single, Double and Triple Gang Drum warmers for standard 55 Gallon drums
  • Valve and pipe heaters · Fluidized bed coolers
  • U-Troughs for poultry processing
  • Shelves for freeze-drying process of foods
  • Heating of caustic in Bottle washers
  • Suction, Bayonet and Manway heaters for all process tanks
  • Heating of asphalt · Reactor and Oven skin cooling

Unique Features of Alfa Laval Plate Coils:

  • Easy maintenance compared to pipe coils.
  • Wide Variety of styles, shapes and configurations
  • Fast Shipments
  • Special Finishes available for food applications and refrigerant applications
  • Coils can be electropolished and annealed and passivated for high fouling and more corrosive applications
  • Can be curved to 12″ minimum diameter

Construction Features and Quality Standards

  • Die Formed and Hydraulically inflated plate coils.
  • Coils manufactured according to ASME Div.VIII, Section 1, ISO 9001 Certified
  • Coils can be rated to 300 psi and 750F, depending on the material and its thickness
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, Stainless steel 904L, Titanium
  • Monel, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C-276, Carpenter-20 cb3, Avesta -254 SMO, Inconel – 600 Series, Inconel -825, Nickel – 200

Standard Product Range

Please see table below for standard sizes available for quick delivery. For all other dimensions, please contact us.

Suction heaters are specially designed to heat viscous fluids such as fuel oils, lubricating oils, tars, molasses etc. as they are pumped out of tanks.

Standard Construction

  • 14 ga mild steel. Other materials/thickness available.
  • All welded manifolds
  • ¾” thick plate flange with 150# bolt hole drilling – flat faced.
  • All pipe connections are NPT threaded.
  • Standard manifold centers 1½” with minimum 1″ clear space between coils.
  • Plate coil lengths from 47″ to 187″ in 12″ increments.
  • Standard 18″, 24″ & 30″ Manways.

Optional Features

  • External welded manifolds.
  • External split pipe manifolds.
  • 150# RFSO or RFWN flanges.
  • ANSI or API rated Manway covers.
  • Removable bold on legs.
  • Any practical modifications.

Suction Heaters are normally installed in the horizontal position. Vertical position installation may require special piping/plate coil design.

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