Surf Pool Opening Summer 2014 at Sheksna Resort

Markham, Ontario, – Valutech Inc. one of North American leading distributors of pool heat exchangers was chosen to supply the Bowman line of heat exchangers for the wave pool for the Sheksna Resort, nominated as Russia’s Leading Spa Resort by World Travel Awards.

Ten Bowman CN1000, from the CN-XL range of pool heat exchangers, connected in parallel are used to provide heat to the wave pool. Hot water from Sheksna’s boiler plant is piped into a ten zone manifold. Each of these 10 zones is piped into the shell side of an individual heat exchanger to transfer heat to the swimming pool water flowing through the heat exchanger tubes.

About Valutech Inc.

Valutech supplies a complete range of heat transfer equipment to mechanical contractors for the HVAC, commercial and residential pool heating and process industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Food & Pharmaceutical. We maintain a large inventory of heat exchangers.

About Sheksna Resort