For over 25 years Valutech has worked and evolved to serve the ever-growing needs of industrial process. What began as four young entrepreneurs and a home-basement startup has since grown into an international distribution and supply network. With technical training and hands-on experience, our specialists have you to thank for our combined decades of expertise. Your trust enables us to continue providing reliable service and prompt responses with sustainable solutions. From large scale industrial processing demands to the heating of domestic swimming pools—getting to know our clientele and their needs gives us an invaluable advantage that only comes with honesty, support, and dedication.

Additionally, Valutech maintains several professional relationships with industry leaders and international manufacturers. It’s what gives us the edge in being able to consistently provide quality solutions in our effort to support our ever-growing network of contacts. Keeping abreast of up-to-date industry innovations, and a supreme level of access to the newest technology and equipment, are valuable resources that get you the answers you need.

Our association with Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer and separation equipment, makes us a regarded authority in the fields of HVAC, Mechanical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Minerals. While the range of process application may differ between these industries, common among them is the need for prompt service and availability of spare equipment. Working closely with Alfa Laval, Valutech can meet these demands.

Alongside a wide range of Check-All valves, our portfolio of shell and tube heat exchangers from Doyle & Roth and Enerquip, combined with the steam handling equipment offered by Gestra and Kam Thermal, translates into energy savings across all industries.

Apart from representing internationally trusted designers and manufacturers of process equipment, Valutech maintains a well-organized and extensive network of standard products serving the North American heat transfer industry. Our air to liquid heating and cooling coils, brazed plate heat exchangers, standard PHEs, and Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are now being used all over Canada and the USA. It’s a level of organized distribution that takes years to build, along with a reputation for quality and speed. Our long-lasting partnerships with aforementioned industry giants and you, our clientele, have helped us to develop an architecture that the industry relies on to deliver solutions and get results.

Valutech distribution capabilities also extend to Alfa Laval Hygienic Equipment in the form of pumps, valves, mixers, fittings, tank cleaning devices, and a complete catalog of spare parts. The food, bio-tech, and pharmaceutical industries (all of which have major demand for these items) value our commitment to speed and immediacy when it comes to delivering service and unit components.

Trust isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s not something that can be bought or borrowed. It happens over years, over-seas; it happens over the phone and over in-person meetings. Trust is something that you build, it’s something that happens over and over again. At Valutech we’re proud to have earned your trust and respect, and we’re ready to meet your HVAC and industry process needs.