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Air to Water Heat Exchanger


Hydronic Coils


Hydronic coils or air to water heat exchangers are used for many heating and cooling applications.
Heat transfer is maximized by using  3/8" copper tubes running through a high density of aluminum fins ar a density of 12 fins per inch. Despite the high fin density pressure drop is minimized through the coils.
Heat loads are 50,000-60,000 Btu per square foot (please see performance chart).


  • Condominiums and Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Building Heating
  • Hybrid Heating Systems
  • Dehumidification
  • Air Conditioning


  • Coil Tube is made of 3/8" seamless copper
  • Fin Plate is made of Aluminum
  • The frame core is galvanized steel
  • Manifold is made of Copper and has a 1" ID
  • The Tube is rated at 175 psig/350F 
  • Plate Fin Spacing is 12 per inch
  • Connections 1" ID soldered

Now also available:

HTL 12 X 18
HTL 22 X 30
HTL 24 X 24
HTL 30 X 30
HTL 36 X 36

Dimensional Table and Capacities (click to enlarge)