Plate Heat Exchanger Training Seminar

Alfa Laval Seminar

Plate Heat ExchangerValutech Inc. is pleased to invite you and anyone else interested in your facility / plant to our Plate Heat Exchanger Training Seminar an informative training seminar on reconditioning and servicing of plate heat exchangers to be hosted and conducted by Alfa Laval at their premises. This training session is designed for those who use any make or model of plate exchangers in their Heating & Cooling System or Processes or anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of plate heat exchanger technology.

Lunch and dinner will be served.

Please let us know the number and names of persons from your team that will be attending. You may register as many people as you deem relevant for this course. Alfa Laval is providing this seminar at no cost to the attendees. RSVP information is at the bottom of this email.

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